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in progress 2011-12-26 Throw away the whole idea of greedy resources. Lucu-1.0
won't fix 2011-12-16 Rsrc Monad should be parameterised by phantom types (e.g. Rsrc GET a) to reduce the chance of runtime errors. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-12-14 Use convertible wherever appropriate. Lucu-1.0
2011-12-14 'Rsrc a' should be defined as 'ErrorT Abortion (ReaderT NormalInteraction IO) a' with help from control-monad-failure. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-11-29 Remove deps on HXT Lucu-1.0
2011-11-14 Use hashmap wherever possible. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-11-07 lucu-implant-file should use TemplateHaskell rather than haskell-src-exts for simplicity. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-10-31 Generate DefaultExtensionMap and StatusCode using TH Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-10-26 Drop dependency on the unix package Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-10-26 Add a configuration flag -fSSL to enable SSL support (default: off) Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-10-17 Introduce a type class 'Dispatcher' and make ResTree/FallbackHandler instances of it. Lucu-1.0
2011-10-08 Use iteratee instead of Lazy I/O Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-07-30 Don't use String type. We have Ascii, Text and ByteString. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-07-29 Don't use dataenc. It's slow! Lucu-
fixed 2011-07-29 Use blaze-builder if possible. Lucu-1.0
fixed 2011-07-27 Make Lucu work with newer libraries it depends on. Lucu-
fixed 2010-03-12 Use attoparsec instead of our handmade parser combinator Lucu-1.0
2010-03-03 Lucu.Resource should provide a way to manipulate Cache-Control header.
2010-03-03 There should be a way to stop Lucu without process terminate.
fixed 2010-03-02 Bind to a specific address/interface Lucu-0.5