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Id: 74e34d62deabaab386472d2949a46fea893f1ec1
Type: task
Creation time: 2011-07-29 16:01 UTC
Creator: PHO <pho@...>
Release: Lucu-1.0 (unreleased)
Component: Lucu
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Issue log

2011-10-31 17:30 UTC PHO <pho@...> closed with disposition fixed
2011-07-30 11:17 UTC PHO <pho@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
2011-07-30 04:40 UTC PHO <pho@...> assigned to release Lucu-1.0 from unassigned
2011-07-29 16:01 UTC PHO <pho@...> created