'Rsrc a' should be defined as 'ErrorT Abortion (ReaderT NormalInteraction IO) a' with help from control-monad-failure.

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Exceptions should only be used as a last resort.


Id: 6d3325e79dfd2b5b871d22f70f98c5280af27287
Type: task
Creation time: 2011-12-14 08:38 UTC
Creator: PHO <pho@...>
Release: Lucu-1.0 (unreleased)
Component: Lucu
Status: unstarted

Issue log

2011-12-14 12:13 UTC PHO <pho@...> edited title
Abortion should no longer be an instance of Exception.
2011-12-14 09:56 UTC PHO <pho@...> commented
Stop using mtl at all. "transformers" provides everything we need.
2011-12-14 09:48 UTC PHO <pho@...> edited title
2011-12-14 09:46 UTC PHO <pho@...> edited description
2011-12-14 09:12 UTC PHO <pho@...> commented
ResourceReader should no longer throw Abortion to Rsrc. Rsrc shouldn't go ahead when there are remaining input chunks.
2011-12-14 08:38 UTC PHO <pho@...> created