Lucu-1.0: Embedded HTTP Server



A set of auxiliary parser utilities.



atMost :: Alternative f => Int -> f α -> f [α]Source

atMost n v is like P.many v but accumulates v at most n times.

finishOff :: Parser α -> Parser αSource

finishOff p is equivalent to p >>= \a -> endOfInput >> return a.

skipManyTill :: Alternative f => f α -> f β -> f ()Source

Similar to manyTill but discards the result.

skipWhile1 :: (Char -> Bool) -> Parser ()Source

Similar to skipWhile but consumes at least one character.

skipSpace1 :: Parser ()Source

Similar to skipSpace but consumes at least one whitespace.

isAlphaNum :: Char -> BoolSource

isAlphaNum c returns True iff isDigit c || isAlpha_ascii c.