Make stream fusion actually work

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I expected GHC 7.0.3 to solve the problem but it didn't. The source of evil is the class op specialisation preventing our fusion rules from firing. So I decided to wrap each and every class ops into plain functions to force them getting fused.


Id: 6c7987fd1352bd9bf8a43468d84e25df1bf3705b
Type: bugfix
Creation time: 2011-05-12 04:11 UTC
Creator: PHO <pho@...>
Release: bitstream-0.2 (released 2011-07-08)
Component: bitstream
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2011-05-13 08:53 UTC PHO <pho@...> Done...? [b934495]
2011-05-13 07:44 UTC PHO <pho@...> wip Ditz-issue: 6c7987fd1352bd9bf8a43468d84e25df1bf3705b [b9ca361]
2011-05-13 04:31 UTC PHO <pho@...> wip [29508fc]
2011-05-12 16:23 UTC PHO <pho@...> still working in progress... [c310c68]
2011-05-12 15:04 UTC PHO <pho@...> still working in progress... [8a3c760]
2011-05-12 14:39 UTC PHO <pho@...> Ditz-issue: 6c7987fd1352bd9bf8a43468d84e25df1bf3705b [850eab9]

Issue log

2011-05-13 09:01 UTC PHO <pho@...> closed with disposition fixed
2011-05-12 05:22 UTC PHO <pho@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
2011-05-12 04:49 UTC PHO <pho@...> assigned to release bitstream-0.2 from unassigned
2011-05-12 04:12 UTC PHO <pho@...> created