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fixed 2011-08-26 build failure on GHC 7.2.1 bitstream-
won't fix 2011-07-07 Strict Bitstreams' bit length should only be a hint, just like stream size. bitstream-0.2
fixed 2011-05-12 Make stream fusion actually work bitstream-0.2
fixed 2011-03-03 Strict bitstrems should use unstreamPackets instead of hand-written unfoldr-based unstreamers. bitstream-0.2
fixed 2011-03-02 Implement fromBits / toBits bitstream-0.2
fixed 2011-02-21 Strict Bitstream should keep bit-length maintained bitstream-0.2
2011-02-17 Consider using numeric-prelude's non-negative numbers instead of Integral.