RoRo-0.1: Lupupu Cube Stage SolverContentsIndex

RoRo is a library to manipulate and solve stages of Lupupu Cube.

Though this library can solve most stages in the Lupupu Cube, there are still some cubes that can't be handled:

Almighty cube
Also known as "rainbow cube"; the cube which can be treated as any coloured cubes.
Limpid cube
Transparent cubes which discreate when their adjacent cubes discreate.
Large cube
Cubes which are 2 x 2 size.
Linked cube
Cubes which are linked with their adjacent cubes, until one of those pairs discreate.

Be careful: if you try to let RoRo solve stages which contains these cubes, it silently produces wrong solution without emitting error. This behavior should be fixed in the future.

module Game.LupupuCube.Cube
module Game.LupupuCube.Phase
module Game.LupupuCube.Stage
module Game.LupupuCube.Solver
module Game.LupupuCube.XML
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