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I want time-http to run fast, very fast.


Id: 85eb4c20935bf29db052a35d75039c638817227b
Type: task
Creation time: 2011-08-26 09:53 UTC
Creator: PHO <pho@...>
Release: time-http-0.2 (released 2011-10-03)
Component: time-http
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2011-09-28 14:58 UTC PHO <pho@...> Everything compiles now. [4e2898d]
2011-09-28 14:21 UTC PHO <pho@...> Data.Time.HTTP now compiles. [98132c0]
2011-09-28 13:58 UTC PHO <pho@...> Data.Time.{RFC1123,Asctime} now compiles. [24bf3b8]
2011-09-28 13:22 UTC PHO <pho@...> Data.Time.RFC822 now compiles. [d82d61b]
2011-09-27 17:01 UTC PHO <pho@...> Data.Time.RFC{733,822} now compiles. [512f9a8]
2011-09-27 15:56 UTC PHO <pho@...> Data.Time.HTTP.Common now compiles. [d39ace5]

Issue log

2011-09-28 15:06 UTC PHO <pho@...> closed with disposition fixed
2011-08-26 09:53 UTC PHO <pho@...> created