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in progress 2011-07-29 Rakka is rather bitrotted 0.1
2011-07-28 Cabalize the test suite
2011-07-28 Use W3C File API for file uploading 0.1
2011-07-28 config/baseURI should not be in the SVN repository. 0.1
2011-07-28 Daemonize by calling forkProcess
2010-05-05 Make sure that dumpRepos isn't leaking space. 0.1
2010-03-02 View Page History
2010-03-02 View Source
2010-03-02 Wouldn't it be cool if Rakka was totally pure-Haskell?
2010-03-02 There should be a way to escape from data: scheme to http: scheme.
2010-03-02 Page templates
2010-03-02 IP address blacklisting
2010-03-02 Allow guests to leave their comments on pages.
2010-03-02 Make browsers' Back and Forward buttons usable
2010-03-02 Write logs into localstatedir 0.1
2010-03-02 Implement account manipulation 0.1